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Want to Fly? Join The Club!

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Hello VASI,
I am a local pilot (Englewood) and in April I began work on establishing a new flying club at the Venice Airport. Our website is and We are incorporated as a Florida non-profit.
The intent of the club is to affordably provide aircraft along with an aviation based social environment to the members. The minimum requirements of the first plane are IFR, 4 adults and luggage (Bahamas capable). Primary focus has been on the Cessna Skylane and Piper Cherokee Six.
The club is still forming and we have 2-6 interested pilots depending on the time of day.
We are looking at two planes Saturday Morning (8:30am) after breakfast at the Suncoast Café, and I invite VASI members to come meet the club and check out a local 2004 Cessna Skylane and a 1975 Cherokee Six (flying over from Orlando).
I would appreciate your support of the club by forwarding the attached flyer and my contact info to the members of VASI. I plan to join your group and attend the September meeting which I believe is on the 16th at City Hall? 
My History: Sarasota IFR SEL Pilot for several years (Primary instruction by Cirrus Aviation), treasurer of the Sarasota WestWind Flyers for 3 years then moved to Englewood. After driving past KVNC on the hour commute to KSRQ a few times I finally decided to sell my share up north and buy into a club at KVNC… To my surprise there were very few options at KVNC. My long term goals are to have a multi-aircraft club based at KVNC eventually supporting primary and advanced training to members along with fun and practical airplanes to fly.
Got to fly!
Carl Traenkner

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