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SAFETY NEWS – Accident report Palatka Airport

| Sina Adibi

Cirrus vs. Cirrus In Florida Collision
Two Cirrus aircraft collided at Florida’s Palatka Airport last week and although both airplanes were substantially damaged, no one was injured. Initial reports indicate that neither aircraft deployed the CAPS parachute system and the collision appeared to have occurred close to or over the runway on short final. A news photo showed that the aircraft came to rest near the runway, with one on top of the other. One of the accident airplanes was an SR22, the second an SR20. The accident occurred on March 16, around 11 a.m., according to authorities.

The SR22 is owned by two former Jacksonville Jaguars team members, defensive lineman Robert Meier and tight end Kyle Brady, along with a third partner. Meier was flying the SR22, according to Jacksonville’s WJXT-TV.

The SR20, the bottom aircraft in the photo, is registered to Sanford, Florida-based Aerosim Academy. The pilot of that aircraft was a 29-year-old Deland man and the passenger was a 28-year-old Sanford man. The FAA is investigating the accident.


Lessons learned for KVNC —

” Don’t let this happen to you.” says Paul Hollowell, VASI Safety.  Check the FAA Airplane Flying Handbook, Chapter 7 & the  AIM 4.3.2,  What do pilots say? Most say it is easiest to see other aircraft entering, departing or in the TP if they reduce to TPA (1,000 ft for Venice) at least 4-5 miles out. Get the automated weather as soon as possible and listen to the CTAF or Unicom as far out as practical to find out what’s going on at Venice. Its a busy place.  If you can handle it listen to Tampa Approach for inbound IFR. But pay attention to the Venice CTAF. Make required radio calls starting at 10 miles out and listen and look. Don’t let this happen to you.

Credit for the article to JOY FINNEGAN of avweb.


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