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Skydiving Is Coming To Venice

FAA To Venice: Read The Letter Venice To FAA: Read The Letter

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Banner Day for the Airport

The article and photos say it all. The airport critics called the Airport’s bluff and the Airport responded with more safety enhancements and solutions consistent with being a community-friendly airport. Sure to be a topic of discussion at the March 16 VASI membership meeting. 7pm. City Hall.

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RWY 13 31 Grant Approved

The US DOT provided notice that the Venice Municipal – Improve Runway Safety Area – 13/31 grant has been¬†approved. For further details, download the US DOT notification.¬†  

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NOTAM: Ground Vehicles

2014.07.11 Driving Rules CR Rev

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NOTAM: Progress Continues

Out With The Old, In With The New.

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