Happy and Healthy New Year everyone....As I write this, it's Jan. 3.2005 and that means I've already broken a resolution. Getting "Nick's Notes,Safety,Security and Suggestions" as well as other newsletter items in on time was that resolution.

Ugh,da there are good reasons my "stuff 'is late (I write in hopes for forgiveness).To get my material in on the first of the month would have contradicted another resolution: to live at least one day a month without turning on the computer. New Year's Day - 1 Jan. was that day. Hey it felt so good I went two days without reading the aviation related news stuff on the web so there you are.

Well wait till next year and maybe I can get past January before I break a resolution. My second resolution (actually my number-one) was to make no resolutions. That way, I will not feel so bad about not living up to them. Instead, I set goals with mileposts and checkpoints that I can tick off as they get accomplished.

 Resolutions can be hazy while goals are solid, more tangible and therefore harder to ignore and can be quantifiable. Long time readers may recall that last year my three resolutions were: Defend VNC & point out its value to the public, take my neighbors for a flight, and be a good neighbor at VNC- recruit a new member for VASI. Well, I did do all three but so much needs to be done to counter the naysayers and complainers about the airport that those resolutions are now a part of my life and are always ongoing.

One goal of mine is to fly more. "What ? " you may ask. He just got checked out in a 182. That is true but it sure is a sad commentary when something you love is anything but spontaneous. My flying is forced to fit into a strict schedule because it fits into the narrow cracks between work which generates the household income and the necessary "must dos" of any family man. Work comes first, which is a disgusting concept, I know, but one of the realities of life. Then, life gets in the way as well. I know I am not alone in this situation because the problem isn't flying -- it's time. Time has become the great constrictor that runs all of our lives.

So what are your goals for 2005? Mine include flying more and flying to Airventure..Maybe one goal should be to one day a week not wear a watch and not look at the calendar. Oh! That may be too much -- no need to go off the deep end and risk  a cerebral hemorrhage. Have a great and safe year.

I look forward to seeing you at out meeting in January, Nick.