Correspondence Between City and FAA Re: B-II vs. C-II
Carlesimo To DY 121009 & Responses        
Turner to FAA  


FAA Audit: Vernace to City (October 2009)        

Please Note: The following letter was sent prior to any written response from the Airport District Office (FAA Orlando) had been received by the city after the December 11th visit:

Martin To Senators Nelson and LeMieux, Congressman Buchanan



This letter from the FAA, generated by the Mayor's May 2008 visit to the FAA directly contradicts the assertion that homes near the airport need to be purchased:

Vernace To City and Martin May 2008

  For additional information that contradicts other assertions in this letter, go to News or click Councilmember Simmonds FAQs/FAA Letters  


Carlesimo Sets The Record Straight (January 2 2010 Venice Gondolier Guest Article)